Athornans’ apprehensions

Athornan parents came together at an Empowering Mobeds event to voice their concerns regarding their sons taking up mobedi as a profession
Text: Roxan A. Driver  Photos: Sarosh K. Daruwalla

What are the expectations of parents of athornan boys before encouraging their sons to pursue full-time mobedi? Financial security, said one father. Medical benefits, said another. Other concerns were retirement benefits, a uniform remuneration system, substitute mobeds when one goes on leave, an attitudinal change from behdins, respect for the white pugree, no spouses, income disparities between frequently visited agiaries and those with less footfalls. Apprehensions were voiced at a half day seminar organized by the Empowering Mobeds (EM) group at the Mancherji Joshi Memorial Hall of the Dadar Athornan Institute (DAI) on April 20, 2019 for which 55 athornan parents......

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