A holy warrior?

"The scientific side of things allows you to do what you are trained to do, what you can do, what your technology allows you to do; and the esoteric side of things is your belief and your faith and how firm you are with it. Conflict would arise if you thought one or the other was wrong whereas for me both are right,” asserted Dastur (Dr) Jamasp JamaspAsa (pictured, pg 14, Photo: Dolly Divecha). He was responding to a query raised by producer Lipika Pelham for her "Heart and Soul” series for the BBC World Service Radio on whether his......

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Very keen on having read this article, there are always the problems of how much gets revealed to us and by us and then misconstrued. Such as Asef Soltanzadeh wrote a book called We Disappear into Flight in 1970s.
- Vaibhav Sunder
- 17-Sep-2020