Fielding for feisty Farokh

How I came to know a legend before he became a household name
Kersi Meher-Homji

It happened 64 years ago but I remember it as if it was last month. My cousin Fili and I were returning from a morning show in Bombay’s Metro cinema. On our way home we stopped to watch cricket matches being played at Azad Maidan. It was a break for drinks at one of the matches and a handsome cricketer wearing pads and gloves was calling out to young spectators: "One short, one short.” When he turned to us, we queried, "One short for what?” "We are one fielder short. Would you like to field for us?” he replied. Although not good......

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Excellent article Kersi , thank you Sir !<br>You never cease to amaze me with your historical knowledge of the gentleman's game .<br><br>A very sad couple of weeks in the sports world with the passing of Rod Marsh MBE , and the King of Spin Shane Warne .<br>Look forward to reading your articles and books on these two Champions of Cricket .<br><br>Kaizer Austin .<br>Sydney , NSW , Australia .
- Kaizer Austin
- 12-Mar-2022