Zoroverse, the new medium

The Zoroastrian youth from the UK have chosen a new style to converse that they call Zoroverse. Using the podcast medium, in their introductory episode, the hosts of the show Danny Master and Shaizeen Persa explained how they will be endeavoring to connect the "small but spaced out” global Zoroastrian community. The monthly interactions that will capture the evolution of Zarathushtis can be accessed via podcasts "a medium people listen to.” While 32-year-old Master has lived in India, the Middle East and New Zealand before settling in the UK, 28-year-old Persa is from the UK but makes an annual sojourn......

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It's great to see such a wonderful initiative by young Zoroastrians. I watched their introductory video and look forward to listening to the podcasts.
- Marina S Gandhi
- 08-Sep-2020