Wiser with the walk

"The walks were an emotional journey. They gave me time with my thoughts and time to be with my Dad. I cried, I smiled, I remembered,” wrote Meher Verghese of Singapore when Parsiana sought to ascertain the outcome of the fund-raising walk she had ventured on to support Smile Train, a cause very dear to her late father Dr Hirji Adenwalla. The father of  cleft reconstructive surgery in India, Adenwalla’s demise on May 27, 2020 at the age of 90 when he was in Coimbatore and she in Singapore and international travel had ground to a halt during the pandemic......

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Write up on Zubin Mehta is in readable font, why not this one?<br><br>Please be thoughtful to Pakistan readers who are constrained to read their much-awaited magazine online due postal service not operating to our country. If I may add many of your readers are 60+ in age too.
- Sunnu Golwalla
- 08-Oct-2020