“Out with draconian laws”

India’s rank at 142 out of 180 in the global law index has been ascribed to the "draconian and colonial laws that still exist,” by Justice Rohinton Nariman ("Out with draconian laws,” Events and Personalities, Parsiana, November 7-20, 2021). It is important for the court to use its power and strike down Section 124A of the IPC (Indian Penal Code) and the offensive portions of UAPA (Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, 1967). Only then will citizens be able to breathe more freely.  Parsis are a micro minority community amongst all the minority communities in India. Being a native Parsi  of Surat, once described......

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In reply to Ervad Dr. Burjor H. Antia, trustee of the Parsi Surat Charity Fund I Mr.Rayoman S. Ilavia would like to state further that the Trust deed of the Parsee Surat Charity Funds registered at Mumbai is described as deduced Trust deed of 1-1-1841 which has no concern over any Parsi community Trusts Funds or Institutes registered at Surat and associated with Surat's Parsi Panchayat and Properties Funds. <br> At two separate events to mark “Constitution Day” Prime Minister Narendra Modi flagged dynastic politics as a threat to constitutional democracy and flayed certain Indians with a “colonial mindset” for erecting barriers to development in the country by “misusing” freedoms enshrined in the Constitution.<br> India is an independent democratic nation with its Constitution as a great tradition of millenia.<br> Is it fair that Surat's Parsi Panchayat is run by one family, generation after generation ?<br> On what basis the Trustees at Parsee Surat Charity Funds (Mumbai) who have lost their democratic character under deduced Trust deed, protect democracy in Surat's Parsi community ?<br> All the Trustees of the Parsee Surat Charity Funds (Mumbai) knows it very well that what all these eminent Parsis appointed by them as Trustees in Surat's Parsi Panchayat are doing in Surat's Parsi Panchayat and how they serve Surat's Parsi communlty. <br> Recent example of their service to the Surat's Parsi communlty is that they denied all the Parsi COVID-19 patients to admit or to isolate in Surat's Parsi General Hospital and regret that several Parsi COVID-19 patients died because they and their family members were enable to find hospital beds in city during this deadliest pandemic.<br> Whatever it may be Surat's Parsi community would like freedom and they need support from all the citizens of democratic India to remove "colonial mindset” in Surat's Parsi Panchayat and Properties Funds and request them to help in preserving our democratic rights to elect our Trustees at Surat Parsi Panchayat and Properties Funds as described in an historic judgment of Honorable Bombay High Court issued in the year 1908.
- Rayoman Sorabji Ilavia
- 21-Jan-2022


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