“Lifting the veil”

Bravo! I applaud you for your bold editorial "Lifting the veil” (Parsiana, January 7-20, 2023). I cannot but agree that for a Prime Minister who has appointed himself the Vishwaguru (global teacher) to then align with other authoritarian powers in the pursuit of pure interest combined with wholly unprincipled behavior shows him up to be a danger to our democracy. Unfortunately, for a community that prides itself on the goodness of its thoughts, words and deeds, there are many who fail to see the evil in what is happening in our country. They unsuccessfully embody within themselves those three exalting principles like those in Mahatma Gandhi’s three monkeys — they neither see, nor hear, nor speak evil. When will the scales fall from their eyes and the plugs from their ears? NAWSHIR MIRZA nhm@nawshirmirza.com ...

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