“Who is a Parsi Zoroastrian?”

With reference to "Who is a Parsi Zoroastrian?” (Readers’ Forum, Parsiana, November 7-20, 2022), the obiter dictum in the Bombay High Court’s Justices Dinshaw Davar and Frank Beaman judgment in Petit vs Jeejeebhoy referred to the illegitimate interfaith children of Parsi men. In an answer given by an expert committee on religion as recorded in court (Suit No 91 of 1915 of Chief Court, Lower Burma before Commissioner R. S. Dadachanji, April 5, 1916) regarding the illegitimate children of Parsi women with durwands (aliens in faith) it was stated: "If a Baste Kustian (wearing the sacred girdle around her waist) by......

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