“My aim is perfection”

At the 16th Zochild Day, former director general of police Arvind Inamdar spoke of his Parsi idols
Roxan Driver

Row upon row of yellow school buses dotted the grounds of the St Mary’s School (ICSE) on November 25, 2018 unloading Zoroastrian school and college going children. They had gathered at the Mazgaon school to participate in the 16th Zochild Day (ZCD). Though the venue was slightly smaller than the Sri Shanmukhananda Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi Auditorium at Matunga where most of the ZCDs were previously held, the pace of events and the children’s enthusiasm remained undeterred. Wolf calls and whistles greeted Perin Bagli, principal of the Activity High School and trustee of the Zoroastrian Children’s Foundation (ZCF), as she stood on......

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