“Comparative theology”

Behram Dastur states in "Comparative theology” (Readers’ Forum, Parsiana, May 7-20, 2022) that European theologians "downgrade Zoroastrianism.” On the contrary, academic research by western scholars has produced a much better understanding of the fundamentals of Zoroastrianism. In Zarathustra: The Man and the Message which I reviewed ("Precepts vs priestcraft,” Books, Parsiana, November 21-December 6, 2021), Meheryar Rivetna writes, "Zoroastrians skeptical of western scholars must realize that many of the Parsi scholars of the Zoroastrian religion, a majority of them priests, have either studied under, worked with, or were influenced by western scholars of Zarathushtra’s religious doctrines. Notable among them: Dastur Maneckji......

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