Worshipping other gods

The Jasame Avanghe Mazda prayer, recited as part of the kusti ritual, states: mazishtacha , vahishtacha, sraeshtacha, ya ahurish zarathushtrish — the religion given by Ahura Mazda to Zarathushtra is the greatest, best and the most excellent. A practicing Zoroastrian therefore has no reason to dabble in other faiths. Apostasy of thought is most abhorrent to Zoroastrianism. The ultra-orthodox Khshnoomists, the esoteric interpreters of Zoroastrianism, go far beyond and assert that all souls born to Parsi parents belong to the exalted barjisi jiram or the Jupiterian stock and have made a pact only to adhere to Zoroastrianism and harbor no......

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The usual delightful writing of Berjis Desai BUT please compliment Farzana Cooper too for the rather apt illustration which is equally amusing.
- Sunnu Golwalla
- 10-Sep-2022

Mr. Berjis Desai... Oh, you tease me with your "To be continued" postscript! Alas, I will have to wait until September 21st for the second (and hopefully final) part of your very interesting article!
- Yezdyar Kaoosji
- 07-Sep-2022