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What happens after death?

Recently I read about a very learned Parsi saying that Parsis believe in reincarnation (meaning a rebirth of the soul in another body). I was under the impression that Zoroastrianism is one of the early religions (maybe the first) teaching about heaven and hell. It is possible to interpret that good reincarnation is heaven and the miserable reincarnation is hell. However, this is not the manner in which reincarnation is understood in many other religions. I am curious to know what Zoroastrianism teaches about what happens after death. My wife of 40 years (now deceased) was a devout Parsi until the end. VICTOR ANANDAM Bangalore The editors reply: Though many Zoroastrians believe in reincarnation, most scholars state that the scriptures do not support the notion of rebirth. The later Zoroastrian texts allude to a final resurrection.  ...

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