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Being Bhabha - VI

At Cambridge Dr Homi Bhabha had the opportunity to explore ideas not only about science, industry and the arts but also freedom and democracy
Bakhtiar Dadabhoy

This extract from Homi J. Bhabha: A Life by Bakhtiar K. Dadabhoy (Rupa Publications, 2023) has been reprinted in Parsiana with permission from the author and the publishers. Did Dr Homi Bhabha also flirt with communist philosophy? An acquaintance recalled that Bhabha told him in an unguarded moment that while at Cambridge he had the choice of becoming a communist, an artist or a scientist. Soviet double agents like Guy Burgess, Kim Philby and others were at Cambridge at the same time as Bhabha. They were in Trinity College, as was E. Herbert Norman who was born and raised in Japan......

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