The Nanavati narrative

The case that shook India still stirs the imagination in a new television serial
Kashmeera Sambamurthy

The Kawas Nanavati-Sylvia-Prem Ahuja triangle that created a sensation in April 1959 and the early 1960s, has spawned a media industry in the last four years. First there was the movie Rustom followed by journalist Bachi Karkaria’s book In Hot Blood and in September 2019 Ekta Kapoor’s Telefilms released a 10-episode serialized Hindi drama mystery on the tragic affair, titled The Verdict: State vs Nanavati. The title is drawn from the original court case K. M. Nanavati vs State of Maharashtra. On the afternoon of April 27 of that year the dashing Cdr Kawas Nanavati shot dead businessman Prem Ahuja, his......

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