Christians opt for cremation

While Parsis debate the merits and demerits of cremation, Thana’s Christians have been opting for cremations of their departed loved ones to overcome the lack of space in their two existing cemeteries, noted a report in the Daily News and Analysis (DNA) dated March 25, 2019. The move has the nod of the Archdiocese office, stated the report. Thana has a Christian population of 2,00,000, the paper reported. In the last one-and-a-half years, undertaker Joselyn David has performed 10 to15 cremations. "Our cemetery… in Thana does not have space any more for bodies to be buried,” he told the newspaper. Sandeep Pereira, who cremated his mother Sheela last year when she passed away due to cancer, told DNA that "Her wish (to be cremated) also helped us as, in December (2018), my cousin passed away and we used the family grave for him. Had she been buried in it, we would have had to remove her (coffin) and place my cousin in it.” ...

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A couple of Christian cemeteries in Delhi, bury several bodies one on top of the other to tackle the space problem.
- Rati Y Kapadia
- 12-Apr-2019


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