"If I’m gonna tell a real story, I’m gonna start with my name.” Kendrick Lamar, American Rapper,  Inspirational Quote, May 2021 "Following Standard Time was a loss ‘of prestige’ and the first act  of ‘swaraj’ or Indian self- determination ‘would be to  restore local time to Bombay.’” J. B. Boman-Behram, lawyer and former  mayor of Bombay, quoted in "The long History of ‘Bombay Time’ and  Resistance to Colonial Rule,” Atlas  Obscura, June 30, 2021 "The worst thing is when herberds (Zoroastrian priests) do not know how to use the (ritual) implements properly, nor do they know about the decisions, or the religious  authorities, or purity or pollution.  It is incumbent, therefore, that  two knowledgeable......

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