“Bombay: The telling…”

These figures are very depressing: 59 births compared to 739 deaths as per the data ("Bombay: The telling figures for 2022, Parsiana, March 7-20 2023).” (The birth figures for Bombay as mentioned in the item are mainly from the Breach Candy Hospital. No other Bombay institutions provide data — editors) Marriages totaled 160 out which 84 were Parsi to Parsi and 76 intercommunity. This signifies that for almost every Parsi marriage there was one intercommunity marriage. Children of women who marry non-Parsis are not considered Parsis. According to a report by FEZANA (Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America) the total Zoroastrian population in India is about 46,000 and decreasing. Visit any Parsi colony and one can see hardly any children playing; there are mostly old people moving around. Many Parsi properties have been encroached on and those belonging to the elderly are targeted. In the next decade the Parsi population will be around 10,000. SHAPOUR B. BADRI Tehran, Iran shapourb@yahoo.com  ...

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