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Pairing Parsi names

An Australian friend boasted about the colorful pairing of English names: Simple Simon, Silly Billy, Plain Jane, Dirty Harry, Happy Larry, Peeping Tom, Even Steven, Bob’s your uncle…  Are there any such equivalents in Parsi names? he asked me. I thought for a while and put the Smart Alec Aussie in his place by telling him, "Yes, we have Chhoopo Rustom, Goola mari gol gol, Serene Shireen, Ustad Gustad, Jame Jamshed, Navroze Mubarak, Daring Dara, Quirky Kersi,  Vah-Vah Vahbeez, Mitthi Mithi, Tiny Tim, Lazy Daisy, Pensive Pesi … He was aghast. Can you Geiv and take a few more, Parsiana pandits?         KERSI MEHER-HOMJI Sydney, Australia ...

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