Tuning up and winding down

The 12th World Zoroastrian Congress saw artistes from across the globe showcase their talent at diverse social events
Text: Parinaz M.Gandhi • Photos: Jasmine D. Driver

Mental alertness through the day was followed by maja (fun) in the evenings, the hallmark of all Zoroastrian congresses. A performance by the World Zoroastrian Orchestra, the Gala Banquet Entertainment and the July 4 (Independence Day) fireworks viewed from a cruise vessel were the social events planned for different evenings of the 12th World Zoroastrian Congress (12WZC). Since the inauguration on July 1, 2022 included a fair share of music in the morning, with the Zandieh family of Iranian descent performing the Persian Rhapsody (see "A creditable Congress,” Parsiana, July 21-August 6, 2022), there was no special entertainment planned for......

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