Life in a kibbutz - I

Facilities may be minimum but living in a kibbutz can be intellectually, socially and emotionally fulfilling
Ardeshir Mehta

Ardeshir Mehta’s "My Experience of Kibbutz Life in Israel with particular reference to Behram Irani’s doctoral dissertation on communes” offers an insightful look at life in Israeli kibbutzim (plural of kibbutz) from the years 1968 to 1976. A kibbutz is a communal farm or settlement in Israel. Mehta was studying and living in Israel at the time. Parsiana reprints with permission some extracts from Mehta’s memoir forwarded to us by his cousin, the poet Adil Jussawalla. Kibbutz Na’an was distinctly irreligious, even anti-religious. There was no synagogue nor were prayers held to the best of my knowledge. Sabbath was not observed......

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