Miami Dolphins 2022 NFL season watch party: Homegating i buffalo bills nfl apparels a great call

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You’ve been waiting for GAME DAY all week long. You’ve studied how your team matches up with their opponent. Your fantasy lineups are set and you’ve pinpointed match-ups you’ll be keeping an eye on all game. You’ve consumed as much content via national outlets, fan sites, social media and YouTube creators as humanly possible. There are only a few things left to do until you are ready for a good old-fashioned “homegating” experience!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got numerous game day customs rooted in long-standing traditions and even some superstitions, all in the name of having an unforgettably fun time with your family and closest friends.

Let’s take a look at what goes into making your game day homegating experience as amazing as possible!

Making a (fashion) statement

Look good, feel good, play buffalo v neck t shirts good – right?

Preparation for my game day outfit starts almost as soon as the previous week NFL T-Shirts ’s game has concluded. My jersey collection is as vast as the day is long, so my options are far from limited if I’m choosin nfl plus size buffalo bills shirts g to go that route. I never want to wear the same jersey in back-to-back weeks for fear of draining the luck from the previous jersey if my team gets a win – or for the bad juju that came with that week’s selection if my team fell short and took an “L.” So, it is my recommendation, if you have the options, that you vary the jersey selection from week to week, based on who you’re hoping has a stellar performance for your squad.

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HOWEVER, you cannot be afraid to pivot away from your choice if that player starts the game off with some boneheaded plays and mistakes, costing your team precious points and opportunities. Immediately remove that jersey and find a new one to rid your team of that bad luck as quickly as possible.

Eat & Greet

Whether you’re watching the game with your relatives or you’re entertaining a group o buffalo bills jersey numbers f friends, having the proper game day food and drink for your homegating is essential.

For my kiddos, having the right snacks is a must during the game. Chips, popcorn, and even a small bit of candy certainly come in handy when trying to keep the little ones satisfied throughout the day. Don’t fo Ezekiel Elliott Jerseys rget to have some ice-cold Coca-Cola ready for when they need to wash down those salty treats. A Diet Coke is always by my side since I don’t burn off as many calories as the kids do while they run around all day long, so I need my drinks to be sugar-free!

But when it comes to the main course, I like the classics – pizza and wings for me. If I’m entertaining on a budget, I’ll pop in a few frozen pies, but if I want to go all out for my guests, I’ll try to find the best deals online for bulk orders of pizza so I can homegate while saving some coin.

Comfort is key

You’re in your team gear. You’ve got a slice of pizza and some delicious Coca-Cola in your hands, now you just have to find a com buffalo bills nfl shirt fortable place NFL Helmets to plop yourself down for the next few hours so you can enjoy the ‘home-gating’ experience to the fullest.

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Of course, you probably have your favorite recliner reserved, or maybe even a seat on the couch with ample access to snacks and napkins, but where are your guests going to sit?

Don’t forget to bring in those folding chairs from the NFL Jersey Size Chart garage – but please, give them a good wipe-down beforehand, won’t you? Nobody wants dirt, dust, and cobwebs covering their behind when they jump up to cheer for a long J J Watt Jerseys touchdown!

Pro tip: use folded blankets and couch pillows as seating for the little ones so that they can hang out on the floor while the old guys and gals rest their knees on the furniture that your living room is filled with.


Going to the game can be an extremely enjoyable experience. Yet, buffalo bills jersey cheap with the rising cost of – well – just about everything nowadays, plus the hassles with travel, parking, finding your seat and dealing with inclement weather, sometimes skipping the trouble and homegating with friends and family is the greatest call you can make on game day!

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