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What a difference a year makes: Dolphins jump into to buffalo bills 90s shirtp ten of roster average age

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The Miami Dolphins in 2019 h Tom Brady ad an average age on their opening 53-man roster of 25.2. The team was almost a full year younger than the average age of all the rosters in the league. Miami was tearing down their roster that season, looking to rebuild buff All NFL Players Jerseys alo bills hawaiian shirt into a contender over the following few years.

In 2020, the team was up to 25.4 years old on average, 30th in the league in terms of age. Only the New York Jets and Jacksonville Jaguars were younger, according to Spotrac.

Last year, the Dolphins averaged 25.9 years old, 23rd in the league. They were one of only 12 teams under 26 years old and were well behind the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (27.6 years old), Chicago Bears (27.4), Arizona Cardinals (27.3), Baltimore Ravens (27.1), and Tennessee Titans (27).

Fast forward to the 2022 season, and the Dolphins are not among the young teams anymore. While Tampa Bay (27.3) still leads the league, Miami has jumped to 26.5 years old on average and is now the eighth oldest team in the league. The rebuild from Clay Matthews Jerseys 2019’s tear down to the 2022 version of the roster is dramatic, and a jump from 23rd to 8th in one offseason is a sign that the rebuild is over for the Dolphins. They are looking to compete right now.

Between Tampa Bay and the Dolphins are the New England Patriots (27.1), New J J Watt Jerseys Orleans Saints (27.1), Arizona (27), Buffalo Bills (26.9), Houston Texans (26.7), and Denver Broncos (26.6). The league average this year is 26.3 years old.

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Miami has clearly looked to add veterans to their roster, bolstering the younger players from t nfl buffalo bills dog jersey he past few seasons w George Kittle ho are growing into their roles. The Dolphins want to turn winning seasons the past two years into playoff appearances and potential Super Bowl runs. The jump up the rankings of average age of the roster would seem buffalo bills store depew ny to support that the Dolphins no buffalo bills jersey red longer see themselves as a developing team, but rather are now a team looking to compete this year.

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