Covid deaths

The total number of Covid-19 deaths in the community is not known but the figures sent to Parsiana by Dinshaw Tamboly from the Prayer Hall Trust in Worli shows 12 from April 17 to July 18, 2020. Two others who reportedly died from Covid appear to have been cremated elsewhere, bringing the total to 14. A few more in Bombay may have also died from Covid and been consigned to other crematoria. Parsiana is unable to access this data. According to the Bombay Municipal Corporation rules, Covid deaths have be cremated or buried. The Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP) does not permit burial at Doongerwadi for humans , only pet dogs.

Assuming 14 deaths in a Bombay Parsi population of approximately 35,000, the percentage of deaths works out to .0004 (the Government of India census figure for 2001 put the Bombay population at 46,000 while the 2011 census did not release any figure for the city. But the excess of deaths over births was around 600 a year. The Bombay Municipal Corporation has not released the Parsi birth figures for the past several years.)

The total deaths in India attributed to Covid is around 35,000 as of July 30 and the total number of cases is 16,00,000. The percentage of deaths to the total population of around 1.3 billion works out to 00000269. The national figures for deaths is believed to be substantially higher but is unknown due to the low level of testing in India.

A statement sent to Parsiana by Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP) trustee Kersi Randeria notes four have died from the virus in their BPP colonies with a total of 60 being infected. The remaining eight deaths may have been from other colonies, trusts or cosmopolitan housing. The breakup of the BPP figures show the highest number of Covid cases in Rustom Baug (13), followed by Godrej Baug (10) and Captain Colony (nine).

Details are as follows: Captain Colony (9 cases, 0 deaths); Gamadia Colony (1,0); Godrej Baug (10, l); Khareghat Colony (3,0); N. C. Baug (2,0); Bharucha Baug (6,0); Panthaky Baug (3,0); Goregaon Complex (1,0); Hongkongwalla Building (1,1); Dhunbaiwadi (0,0); Bai Mahal (2,0); Cusrow Baug (2,0); Ness Baug (0,0); Jer Baug (3, 1); Nowroz Baug (4,0); Rustom Baug (13,1). Total (60,4)

Archival photo of Worli Prayer Hall