Two high priests and a chief minister

In a widely reported move, Dasturs (Dr) Firoze Kotwal and Khurshed Dastoor met Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis on November 9, 2017. Chairman of the Kala Ghoda Association Maneck Davar was present at the meeting, along with president of the city’s Bharatiya Janata Party unit Ashish Shelar, managing director Ashwini Bhide and director (projects) of MMRCL, S. K. Gupta.

Davar informed Parsiana on November 10 that "the chief minister assured the Dasturs that he personally was concerned about the news reports and has spoken to MMRCL officials to ascertain whether there would be any damage to the structures of the two Atash Behrams.” Davar noted that Fadnavis said that "the Atash Behrams, apart from being important places of worship for the community, were part of the heritage of the city and it was important to ensure that no harm came to them.”

Fadnavis "also instructed MMRCL officials to provide an assurance to the community through Kotwal and Dastoor on the safety of the structures, that the wells of the Atash Behram would not be disturbed and that the tunnel, which was 60 ft below the ground, would not violate the sanctum sanctorum of the Atash Behrams.”