Court to be moved for BPP consent terms

With both Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP) chairwoman Armaity Tirandaz and BPP trustee Viraf Mehta refusing to sign the Court papers giving their assent to the consent terms arrived at by all five trustees on October 20, 2021 BPP trustees Noshir Dadrawala and Kersi Randeria are reportedly filing a petition in the Bombay High Court today. The petition is said to request the Court to make Tirandaz and Mehta act in accordance with the agreed October 20,  consent terms or to propose new dates for holding the elections. All five trustees had signed the consent terms on the BPP letterhead on October 20 but only Dadrawala, Randeria and Xerxes Dastur signed the consent papers for the Court. Parsiana sent WhatsApp messages this morning to Tirandaz and Mehta inquiring why they were not signing the agreed upon consent terms to which neither of them responded.