Happened today: Petition to postpone BPP elections

Petition to postpone BPP elections
Thirty-three Parsis including former Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP) chairman Dinshaw Mehta, and one contestant, Kersi Sethna have written to the BPP today asking that the two trusteeship elections scheduled for March 14 be postponed. This follows the apparent disqualification of candidate Dr Zuleika Homavazir on account of her proposer allegedly following the Christian faith. The parties have requested the following:
"That the trustees notify that the election to fill up the two vacancies be adjourned and be held immediately after the vaccination process arising out of the pandemic has been completed;
That an independent agency be appointed by the trustees to thoroughly revamp the voting registers to eliminate the names of dead voters and delete multiple entries for the same voter and take such other safeguards and precautions as are necessary to ensure the integrity and correctness of the voting registers;
That the Trustees be pleased to interpret the provisions of the scheme to determine whether a Parsi married to a non-Zoroastrian spouse is eligible to contest the trustee elections; and if so, what safeguards and process is required to be followed to determine such eligibility."