Pallbearers refuse to handle Covid cadavers

The pallbearers at Doongerwadi have refused to carry Covid afflicted corpses to the dakhmas. The president of the Mumbai Mazdoor Sabha and the pallbearers conveyed this message to all the five Bombay Parsi Punchayet trustees at a meeting in the Union office on March 5.
All of the pallbearers unanimously signed a letter stating they would refuse to handle Covid cadavers even if full protective gear is offered, paid quarantine leave, an additional Rs 10,000 per pall bearer per cadaver is paid, Covid insurance given for the full family, etc. They even refused to clean the interiors of the dakhma assigned for Covid afflicted corpses.
"They are scared if something happen to us who will take care our family?" explained Union president Chandbibi Zaidi. "They informed the trustees that they could terminate their services, but they will not carry the bodies."