Dishy Dishoom

You might want to equip yourself with a few necessary items before entering the magical word of Dishoom, the eponymous restaurants started by the three authors Shamil and Kavi Thakrar and Naved Nasir. 
For instance, you may want to stock on the freshest of eggs, one dozen might do if you’re parsimonious, but we would recommend two dozen eggs, just in case. Also, the authors remind us, there’s something about Parsis and eggs. Be parsigenerous about stocking up on the eggs. So also, with the butter, milk and cream, though mindful of the advent of the veganistas, they do provide alternatives. If possible, get yourself a heavy bottomed pan, that is if you don’t already have an omelet pan, a spatula if your pan is one of those non-stick varieties, some excellent bread from your local bakery, a day old is good for cutting into thick chunks. To be toasted on a griddle so that the faint stripes remain before you heap the freshy quivering mound of scrambled eggs, the spicy akuri, or any of the multifarious varieties of eggs that Dishoom conjures as they march into breakfast items that they recommend are a good way to start the day. There are, of course, some who make fetish of sea salt and how coarsely the pepper should be milled. The three authors of this remarkable cookbook, that is also a love story of sorts to the city they left behind, are not fussy about salt.