Tirandaz steps down as BPP chairwoman

Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP) chairwoman Armaity Tirandaz has stated she would like to "step down as chairman” of the BPP.
An undated email forwarded on social media stated "as you are aware I had a serious fall and shall not be able to physical attend the BPP for the next few weeks.” She intended to complete her term as a trustee but not hold the position of chairperson, she stated.
In her stead she has recommended the appointment of "the next senior most trustee Viraf Mehta as chairman of the BPP, in accordance with the scheme of election.
"I have taken legal counsel and also spoken to (lawyer) Berjis Desai, who drafted the scheme and they have on the same expressly stated that as per clause 15.1 of the BPP scheme of election, trustee Viraf Mehta would be next chairman unless all the other trustees (including myself) vote against him)...
"I look forward to the support of my board of trustees in my decision and in welcoming colleague trustee Viraf Mehta as our new chairman. Let us give him the strength and support that you have shown me.”
According to a report in the Parsi Junction of December 31, 2023 Tirandaz "had a nasty fall” on December 21 leading to fractures of both her hip joints.
In response to a WhatsApp message dated December 31 to Tirandaz from Parsiana expressing concern over the fall and wishing well, she replied almost immediately "I am tougher than you may think! I am raring to go but at present enforced rest till full recovery.”