Throwing light on the Well (and the Agiary)

Publisher and chairman of the Kala Ghoda Association Maneck Davar believes that "the apprehension about Bhikha Behram Well running dry is misplaced.” During the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2017, he was approached by the Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Limited for permission to display a map of the configuration of the Metro. Curious to ascertain facts about four Zoroastrian sites on the route "that were of religious significance for us, I contacted MMRCL and had a long discussion with S. K. Gupta, director-projects on the subject,” he states. Believing that "it is imperative that the correct position on at least two locations be placed before the community,” he responded to Parsiana’s queries with a note.

"MMRCL is estimating the depth of the Bhikha Behram Well at approximately 6 m (20 ft). Beneath that is a layer of rock which commences at 7 m (24 ft), beyond which water cannot permeate. The nearest tunnel... is 22 m away from the Well and the top of the tunnel is 18 m (60 ft) from the road level... As the entire tunnel network of 33 km is 60 to 70 ft below ground and through a layer of rock, the water table will not be disturbed and no well will be affected,” he notes. Regarding the Agiary, Davar notes that "here the tunnel is 6 mtrs (20 ft) away from the compound wall and thus is not a cause for any concern.”

Davar believes that the trustees of the Seth Hormasji Bomanji Wadia Atash Behram at Princess Street and the Zarthoshti Anjuman Atash Behram at Dhobi Talao will be in a better position to talk about those properties.

"Let us not not stymie a project, which will be good for our city, on some unfounded apprehensions and beliefs,” he states.