Dadysetts’ dedication

The first Kadmi fire temple, a dharamshala and a dakhma in Bombay were built by the Dadysett family who embraced the new sect
Rustam B. Paymaster

A Short History of The Dadysett Religious and Charitable Trusts with the Scheme for Their Management Sanctioned by the High Court was penned in 1928 by well-known writer Rustam B. Paymaster, editor of Parsee Prakash. A copy of the tract was shared with Parsiana by a reader Diana Rutnagar who is related to the family. We reproduce here excerpts from the treatise. Dadybhai Nusserwanji (1734-1799), the founder of the Dadysett family, and himself known as Dadysett had carried on extensive trade with China, Bengal and Europe. He owned five large ships for that purpose. He was very enterprising. He used......

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