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  • “Remarkable people” - Farrokh Jijina

    "Encaenia... provides an opportunity to celebrate remarkable people from across...
  • Focus on Bhedwar - Farrokh Jijina

    "Unlike his Indian contemporaries who emulated European studio photography, (photographer...
  • Desecration in Rajkot - Farrokh Jijina

    Parties who have illegally occupied a portion of the 7,741...
  • Idawala celebrates - Farrokh Jijina

    There was a record attendance of around 150 Parsis when...
  • Interconnected - Beyniaz Edulji

    "I construct and sculpt commonly found objects, flora and fauna...

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  • The Brothers - Berjis Desai

    Some 35 years ago, four Irani brothers in the restaurant...




  • Milestones - Roxan Driver

    Parsiana sources information for the Milestones column from various anjumans,...


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    "I tried to promote my game — flat- tening the ground,...
Tanaz Godiwalla