Outdated practices

Culturally we follow the Gujarati Hindu ways, and quite a few of their social practices have come down to us over the centuries. However, in today’s times many of these practices seem outdated and irrational. Widowed Parsi mothers are not permitted to stand on the wedding platform behind a bride and groom (what about widowed fathers?) as widowhood is deemed inauspicious. The old practice of ada antar (a sheet held between the couple to prevent the bride and groom from viewing each other’s faces) at Parsi weddings is absurd. Before entering into matrimony, the couple must have met several times while courting.......

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Let us leave it to individuals to follow (or not) these practices. If one desires to not have the ada antar ceremony I don't think the priest will insist on it. Similarly, it is up to the family members if they desire to have their widowed lady member on the stage.

- Arnavaz P Jal
- 23-Jul-2022


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