M Pallonji

Sketching fears

It was a smack to his face that propelled visual artist and illustrator Dinshaw Mogrelia, now 83, towards a career in the arts. "I must have been about 10…I was playing with my younger sister and I tripped over a wire… This angered my brother Minoo who was sketching…  He slapped me… I did not say anything to him but there and then said to myself, ‘I will do better than him,’” the senior reminisced on the sidelines of his first solo exhibition at the Jehangir Art Gallery. "As I grew older, I realized I was quite good at my......

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Congratulations Dinshaw on the success of your exhibition. As old acquaintances and neighbours, I was well aware of Dinshaw's expertise. Wish you many more accolades. All the very best Dinshaw.<br><br><br>Arnavaz Jal
- Arnavaz P Jal
- 24-Jul-2022


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