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    "India has ignored American and European entreaties not to buy...

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  • The bungli barriers - Berjis Desai

    A hitherto dormant controversy is simmering. This pertains to bunglis...

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  • Vansda revisited - Farrokh Jijina

    Vansda as a name has a collective memory for the...



  • Formula 2 frontrunner - Parinaz Gandhi

    Standing twice on the podium for Formula 2 races on...
  • A record deadlift - Rashna Dorab Tata

    Seventeen-year-old Yasmin Bhadha of Auckland has qualified to represent New...
  • Lifting 1886 Trophy - Parinaz Gandhi

    The Parsee Gymkhana (PG) seniors cricket team, playing against Charles...
  • Olympic official - Parinaz Gandhi

    Elections within the faction ridden Indian Olympic Association (IOA) will...


  • Milestones - Roxan Driver

    Parsiana sources information for the Milestones column from various anjumans,...


  • Unshakable crusader - Berjis Desai

    Dhun Baria’s life was like a Bollywood screenplay. Almost unbelievable. ...