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Zoroastrians Abroad

  • Mehta’s movements - Parinaz Gandhi

    After completing 50 years with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (IPO),...
  • Royal recognition - Parinaz Gandhi

    London based consultant clinical psychologist Dr Zenobia Nadirshaw was conferred...
  • Notables in New Zealand - Parinaz Gandhi

    To mark its 20th year of publication, Indian Newslink started...
  • Alone in the aircrash - Parinaz Gandhi

    "Nosh was known for his perpetual smile and love of...


  • The tireless trustee - Ava Khullar

    It’s impossible to decide where to start describing Farida Variava,...


  • The sporting life - Feroza C. Jassawala

    "Sports in general and football in particular have been a...
  • Formula 3 feat - Parinaz Gandhi

    The first Indian to lead at a FIA  (Fédération Internationale...
  • Competing in Calcutta - Parinaz Gandhi

    Over two consecutive Sundays on May 26 and June 2,...
  • Volleying in Ahmedabad - Parinaz Gandhi

    Eight teams competed in the eighth edition of the Jimmy...


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Politics and Policy

  • Who governs?

    Banners in bold typeface attached to the tables displayed the...

Unforgettable Bawas

  • The doctors - Berjis Desai

    Both were born within a week of each other in...


  • Freddie for a week - Meher Tarapore

    In a brilliant stroke of casting 19 years ago, filmmaker...






  • Milestones - Roxan Driver

    Intercommunity as well as civil marriages among Parsis registered at...



  • The long road home - Jehangir Sarosh

    Each evening, after work, my father Sarosh Khajotia had a...

So they say

  • Quotes

      "In the hinterland, people seem to want a strong man...


Tanaz Godiwalla