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Zoroastrians Abroad

  • Fundraising fervor - Parinaz Gandhi

    Persistently pursuing their dream of having their own center of...
  • Presidential policies - Parinaz Gandhi

    In his new role as president of the Academy of...
  • Relentless restorer - Parinaz Gandhi

    The reflection of the viewers admiring Rayomand Khambatta’s transformed automobile...


  • Testing times - Kersi Meher-Homji

    During the tour of the West Indies in 1962, India’s...

In Memoriam

  • First lady of fashion - Farrokh Jijina

    Died: Jeannie Naoroji, 96, champion of Indian fashion, on October...

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Navsari Tales


  • Roots in Rajasthan - Parinaz Gandhi

    Today we prayed the Yatha and Ashem together… Every time...


  • Milestones - Roxan Driver

    Parsiana sources information for the Milestones column from various anjumans,...


  • The forgotten researcher - Murali Ranganathan

    In Modern Zerdusthians (published 1852), one of the first contemporary...

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      "A candle loses none of its light by lighting another.” Dr...